The Nottingham Schools' Singing Project is aimed at enhancing musical education in Catholic schools in the diocese.

The Nottingham Schools Singing Project was launched in September 2021. It already works with over 1000 children across the City and County on a weekly basis and is set to expand provision to another 700 children in Derbyshire from September. It is aimed at enhancing musical education in Catholic schools in the diocese. It has been made possible by generous funding from the National Schools Singing Project, who are doing an excellent job of reaching out to dioceses across the country to help more children interact with their faith through music. 

The programme seeks to teach the music curriculum in schools with a faith-based focus, using sacred music as one of the primary tools in teaching music. It provides schools with the opportunity to have the music curriculum covered by experienced and trained professionals who also run regional choirs which enable children to have access to further musical education.

What Does It Entail?

Music professionals take 30-minute classroom singing sessions, teaching vocal technique, part singing, musical terms and their applications, and lots of enjoyable songs.

It has a performance-based focus and works towards concerts in schools and an annual Carol Service in Nottingham Cathedral, which all children are offered the opportunity to attend.

What Are the Benefits?

The programme helps children to find their voice and grow in confidence in the use of their voice and personally. One headteacher remarked it does a great job in developing their knowledge and skill.